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Hello World,

I missed  you this week, what fun have you been up to?

I have been spending so much time this week collecting stickers, completing the activities and reading the fabulous facts in the new Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Garden Sticker Book.  There are cute little pictures of fruit and vegetables and so many interesting games to play like the secret message games. You have to go through the sticker book and hunt for drawings of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices with special code letter to make a sentence! Other activities include memory games, food recopies including super-quick strawberry ice cream. Yum!!

I have been swapping the stickers that I already have to many of with friends and my family members are collecting them for me too! My favourite sticker so far is the one that you put in the freezer, yes the freezer, and once it it cold enough then the picture shows up. Once it is warm again the picture disappears. I have already stuck it in my sticker book so have to put the book in the freezer so I can see the picture again. I left it overnight once and Mum found it the next morning!

Mum brought @jamieoliver Jamies Garden Stickerbook from #Woolworths which is a supermarket chain in Australia. it cost less than $5 AUD and is suitable for children over the age of 3. And you can only get the stickers from Woolworths by spending $20 AUD or if you swap them with your friends like I do. There are 128 stickers to collect so start collecting!

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Miss you already ~ Love Per Zha Zha xo

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