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Hiiiiiiii I’m Per Zha Zha,

I am nine years old, a girl, living in Melbourne, Australia with my family and two pets. Henry is my puppy dog and he is AWESOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!! Because he is so awesome I want to play games with him all the time, even when it’s raining but Mum says I have to stay inside otherwise I would catch a cold.

So it’s Winter and I am inside looking for stuff to do. Mum has found some great stuff around like toys and different kid friendly products that aren’t too expensive. Everything I review is because I like it, I would play with it, I would spend my pocket money on it, would be happy if I received it for a present or just for being good. Mum sometimes gets me little somethings or does little somethings for me, she’s so sweet.

I will be uploading a video¬†every week to show you what new kids’ stuff is out there and let you know what I think. I would love you to talk to me and tell me what you think too!!

I can’t wait to hear from you so leave a comment below and subscribe to my Youtube Channel here:

Per Zha Zha


I rate the new kids toys/products/thingys in ‘Henrys’ because he is so awesome and I want to play with him all the time. If I give something 5 out of 5 Henrys, it means it is almost¬†as awesome as Henry!


See, isn’t Henry adorable and sooo cute!!

Look out for my weekly uploads onto youtube and I am thinking about giving away the toy I have reviewed that gets the most comments/views next month to a lucky fan ~ so write your comments, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Miss you already ~ Love Per Zha Zha xo

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